Rafael Marxuach is an architect and professional photographer in New York City. During 2007 - after many years as principal of a highly regarded architectural practice - he founded Myarchn, a boutique photography companyMyarchn is New York City premier Google Business Photos service provider. The business photos service enhance businesses Google Search Results. 360º Virtual Tours and POI's photographs are produced using Google Street View software and published to Google Maps, Local+, and Google Search. He also specialize in Food, Interiors, and Architecture photography.

Rafael was born in New Orleans and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. During 1985 and 1986 received a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Bachelor in Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design. Later in 2011 a postgraduate Media Management certificate from The New School in New York. For more than 15 years Mr. Marxuach creative and results-driven approach has been key to consistently produce value for a long list of clients in the government, corporate, and private sectors in New York and Puerto Rico.

He has traveled widely to capture the magic of places like Cuba, Sicily, South Africa, New York, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, France, Spain, and other countries. The result of this exciting journey is an impressive collection of photographs about people, architecture and urban life of many cities around the world.

For more information visit Rafael's Commercial Photography Website or Myarchn Business Photos.

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